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Probz helps you gather detailed insights on your ideas with Video Insights & AI Analysis Solutions.
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Quant, Qual & Video Research
AI-Powered Insights
Probz is an end-to-end Insights Platform combining the power of Quant, Video and AI to help brands get a quicker and more holistic understanding of their target audience. Gather 1000’s of quant, qual & video responses from our panel of over 10 Million users across globe.
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Supercharge Your Decision Making Process
Navigate from ideation to execution seamlessly by gathering user feedback throughout, accessing instant insights, and conducting real-user tests to gauge their perception of your ideas.
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Behavior Research
Understand customer preferences and perceptions to customize offerings and marketing strategies, ultimately boosting sales and satisfaction
Product Development
Collect feedback for new or improved products to resonate better with the target audience, leading to increased sales and satisfaction
Marketing & Branding
Gather insights on marketing effectiveness and brand perception to optimize marketing strategies and improve brand loyalty
New Initiatives
Explore new initiatives and assess market potential to enhance sales and customer satisfaction.
Obtain feedback on technology preferences and experiences to improve product offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.
Designs & Concepts
Collect feedback on design concepts to create more appealing and user-friendly products, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
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Frequently Asked Questions

No Survey Builder is just a small part of Probz. Overall Probz is a complete end to end consumer insight platform that helps you gather and analyze your consumers or potential consumers mindset and preferences.
Unfortunately, there is no free trial for Probz. However, you can still use a multitude of free features of Probz by signing up
There is no restriction on the number of businesses you can use Probz for. You can use it for as many as you want.
No we do not require you to share any data apart from the problem descriptoin you are trying to solve. You can also choose to share a part of your data to make the analysis more personal.